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“KREDO TOUR” travel agency has joined market as a partner of Russian Credit Unions. Today We develop our services to meet demands of people willing to visit Russia and enjoy beauty of its nature, hospitality of Russian people and cultural diversity.

Russia is a country that occupies the largest territory in the world. It is the country, where people of different nationalities, confessions and cultures live in peace and harmony for many ages. It is a land of unique natural conditions for tourism, which attract thousands of travelers from all over the world every year.

Historical centers of Russia (such as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, cities of the Volga region, Karelia and Russian North, so called Golden Ring of Russia) give an idea of the history of Russia, both traditional and modern way of life of this vast country. Numerous natural sightseeing objects in the endless taiga and steppe, mountain ranges and on banks of great rivers and lakes, even places untouched by human hands – all these surprise and delight travelers mind.

Today in many regions of Russia We can witness a revival of guesthouses stylized in a folk tradition.  Along with traditional local cuisine guests are welcomed with folklore. And everyone who visits Russia notes extraordinary hospitality and cordiality of Russian people.

“KREDO TOUR” travel agency offers You to visit these unique tourist’s places.

“KREDO TOUR” travel agency helps You to enjoy Your stay in Russia and learn a lot about the country.

“KREDO TOUR” travel agency creates necessary condition to make Your trip Russia unforgettable.

“KREDO TOUR” travel agency applies the most advanced technologies used in tourism business.


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Опубликовано: 03.10.2013